Saturday, October 22, 2011


Oh the joys. Yesterday we found H's first tooth popping thru. And even with shots and traveling he was a happy camper. Today? Holy crab cake. No joke, cried for an hour and a half straight. Nothing helped. And he is refusing Tylenol. He doesn't want to chew because it hurts or eat or suck. And to get him Tylenol (which is the only thing that give him relief) I have to stick the dropper in the back of his mouth and he gags, coughs, cries big giant tears, and screams. So fun for everyone.

Anyone have any teething tips? Or something he will chew on? So far his best teether toy is my finger. And that doesn't work for long.

Hopefully this will be over as fast as it came on.



Kaylee said...

Oh the joys of teething is right. It can be miserable! Well, I have heard about amber necklaces that babes can wear - it's kind of a hippie-sounding thing, but do a little research :) Also, freezing washcloths dipped in water or applejuice can help, if they will take them. Or just using freezing rings designed for teething. We haven't gotten the teething down yet and it can definitely be trying! Good luck!

Amanda said...

Those net things you put frozen fruit in help! Ill text you a picture of one so you know what i am saying lol