Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy 6 Month Birthday!

How is it possible that my little ninja is half a year old? I am certain that he is still like 6 weeks. It has gone by too fast!!

So many things have changed in the last month. On your 5th month birthday you rolled from your tummy to your back. You did this a few times and then stopped. Then about 2 weeks later, you rolled from your back to your belly. We couldn't keep you off your belly. But it seemed that you had forgotten how to roll back over. And now, just short of a month later, you are rolling all over the place! You are no longer a stationary baby. You roll to where you want to go. And then there is the scooting. I'm not sure you are doing it on purpose yet, but you certainly scoot, or "army crawl." Slow down bubba! I am not ready for you to crawl!!

We have also started you on solids. We knew that daddy would be leaving soon, and one day you showed an interest in food and we just jumped on it. You have tried sweet potatoes, butternut squash, oatmeal cereal, rice cereal, apples, bananas, and prunes. The only real reject has been bananas. You made all sorts of disgusting faces and then gagged. And I laughed so hard! Sorry bubba!!

Right now, you are getting up once during the night at about 2 am. And then you are up for the day around 6. And I am one tired mama. What is sleeping in again? I am not so happy to admit that I have been pulling you into bed with me around 4am every morning. You wake up right around then, and I am just too tired to try rocking you back to sleep or anything else. And you sleep with me until about 6, or 7am if we are lucky!!

You are still the happiest baby ever. You have the best belly laugh, and you really get to laughing every time you are naked. So diaper changes and clothes changes take forever because I can't help but tickle you and make you laugh really hard. Also, it is never quiet in the house anymore when you are awake. You babble babble babble...and if it ever gets quiet, I know there is something wrong. Like you have rolled into the bookcase... =)

My little man, you are the light of my life. Your daddy and I love you so much more than we ever thought possible. I was showing you pictures of your daddy today, and you loved that. He misses you more than you could know.

I love you baby H!


P.S. You are 16lbs 10.2 oz and 25.98 inches. 25% for height and weight, and your head is 75-90%...Same as usual!! Perfection!

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Time goes by so fast!