Sunday, October 2, 2011

Grocery Shopping Week 3

This week will be a short one when it comes to dinners. J will be heading home to fix up our rental later this week so there will be quite a few days that it will only be me for dinner. And since I don't eat that much and can eat pretty much the same thing till it's gone, there will be fewer dinners than normal.

Here it goes:
tortillas (for wraps not burritos)
sharp cheddar
chicken tenders
spicy chicken tenders (yup, I'm lazy!)
baby bell cheese
angel hair pasta
ground turkey (3)
ground beef (3)
soups (3)
honey mustard dressing
roasted garlic vinaigrette
salad dressing

Total $57.47

Here's what I will be making:
spicy chicken wraps with honey mustard
quiche (with left over meat from last week)
pesto chicken with pasta
chicken spinach casserole

That's the plan. And if needed, I'll be making hamburger pie. I keep thinking about it, and never make it but maybe this week. I have all the stuff so it's a backup dinner. Plus I have some freezer meals that need to be eaten...

Not a ton of stuff for lunches but I think that it will be easy to make more wraps, sandwiches, maybe a left over piece of quiche, and if needed soup.

Yum! I am starving, so it all sounds good NOW!


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