Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Catch Up

It's been a few days since I have been on here and I have a lot to catch up on!!

Today I've been crossing things off the to do list and packing up my room. I am glad to say that my to do list is significantly shorter and will be almost completely crossed off tomorrow. And my room is mostly packed. My trunk is packed to the brim with clothes and shoes and I am proud to say that the back seat is still completely empty just waiting to be filled with odds and ends. And a dog or two. 

Yesterday was my last day of work. Very sad. My sister-in-law and her store sent me BEAUTIFUL flowers for my last day. I love that girl and her whole store. It was my (work) home away from home. The lovely folks at my store got me balloons, a Starbucks Tea, and some sparkling cider to take home with me. Yum! It was rough leaving. I will so miss working there. I hope that I can find something similar in my new home. 

After I got home, there was a bit of bad news waiting for me. A refund check from the government. And while some would be jumping up and down with an extra refund I am not. Here is a little background on our "tax adventures" this year. I, being the lovely wife that I am, did our taxed on an online website this year. And I submitted said taxed mid February. This was my first mistake. I vow, from now on, to only submit our taxes in March and never in February again. Not five days after I submitted our taxed we received TWO more W-2's for my husband. How did we forget two places that he worked at in 2009? Ugh. So now I had to amend our taxes. LAME. And J leaves for basic the second week in March. Awesome. That was a little stressful. But I got it done. And I sent in the part of my original refund that I now owed them. Everything was sent in and received by the IRS by April 1st. GREAT! Only I received another refund check from the IRS in the middle of June for the exact amount that I sent them. Uh? What? 
Yup...Apparently they don't want my money? So I call the IRS help line and a very nice lady gives me instructions on how to send in a cashiers check to them again. Tells me what to put on the check so they hold it until my amended return is processed and I will be good to go. And she also tells me that the IRS may charge me late fees because my payment was not received before April 15th.  SAY WHAT?! Right...Charging me penalties because YOU sent my payment back to me. I'm not trying to evade the IRS. I'm trying to pay them! 
Fast forward to last night. I get another check in the mail. Only this one has interest that I've "earned" on my money. Uh great. So I give the IRS another jingle and talk to another super nice lady. Who knew that nice people worked there? Everyone I've talked to is SUPER nice and can't believe what is going on. This particular lady tells me, "I swear that we do actually take tax payments!" And then she proceeds to tell me that she sees that the IRS received my amended return and my payment twice. And that they cannot find my amended return anymore. Um...The IRS lost my return. Seriously? Did their dog eat it? What? And now I need to send in another amended return, with original signatures (preferably in blue, so they know it's not a copy) along with the check that was sent to me. Great. More work for me, just to pay the IRS money that they continue to send back to me. 
The only things that I can say about this whole experience are at least the people you talk to on the help line are super awesome. They are real people who want to help you. And I now know that you should never submit returns before March. And you should keep copies and maybe even a second set of originals just in case the IRS loses your paperwork. 

Lesson learned, FOR SURE! 

And now tomorrow, I just have to take the dogs to the vet to get their final check up, heart worm test, and copies of their records. Then it's back home to pack up what's left, pack a bag so I can go visit my mom overnight, and the relax...Because being unemployed is much more work than actually going to work so far!

Night Night!

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