Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 11

Life has been a little crazy over the last day or so, and I don't really want to get into it but I am glad that J and I are going to be making a few changes in our life. With a baby on the way we know that life is going to be completely different. And we might at well start making small changes now and part of that includes weeding out people who are not conductive to our family lifestyle. And with that, I am going to do a weekly pregnancy survey. I am excited to note all the changes that are going on. So here we go!
Survey Time:
How far along?: 11 weeks. How big is baby?: 2.5 inches long, .5oz. About the size of a large plum. 
Weight gain?: At my appointment 2 lbs. gained. Now, probably at least a pound or so more. Darn cake!Stretch marks?: None! Hopefully it will stay that way!Maternity clothes?: Not yet. But I do have to wear my belly band with 1 pair of pants. Sleep?: I sleep like a rock. Getting up once a night to pee. And nap time is 3:30pm. =)
Best moment this week?: Napping with my puppies. I think I sleep better with them on the couch. Food cravings?: I see things and then I HAVE to have them. Nothing constant though.  
Gender?: Don't know yet, but I am thinking boy. Movement?: Not yet. I can't wait though!Belly button?: Still there and looking normal!What I miss?: Drinking. I would love a glass of Lambic! I am pretty sure that's on the no-no list though. 
Labor signs?: Not yet and hopefully not for a long while! What I'm looking forward to?: Actually showing. I can see my baby bump but it could easily be mistaken for chubby. Milestone?: Next week will be be the end of the 1st trimester. 


Meesh said...

I cannot wait until my first glass of wine since January ... could be any time now mmmmmmm

Amanda said...

Ummm you better not be weeding me out little lady =) Love the survey! I might steal it, or find one like it! LOVE YOU!