Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oh Life...

Hardest part about moving 9+ hours away from home
1) It's lonely. Yeah, J's friends are nice, but what girl really wants to spend all her time with a bunch
of Navy boys? Can't y'all find some nice girlfriends for me to hang out with?
2) I miss my MoLaw's cooking. Uh, yum. And my Aunties. 
3) Husband's on duty. Oh joy. One more day to spend by myself. Did I say I was lonely?
4) Moving stinks. Can't I just wave my magic wand and have everything put away?
5) No cable means no football games. 
6) No Sunday football get togethers with family. 
7) Have I mentioned how good the food is at home? 
8) I can make it to Wal-Mart, the commissary, and the hospital. And that ends the list of places 
I know and know how to get to. 
9) Frisbee golf is not really fun if you have no idea how to throw a frisbee in the direction of the goal. 
10) My fantasy football team sucks. Which has nothing to do with moving or home, but
it does not make me a happy camper. 

I am happy that I am with my husband but man! I need a distraction! Sitting at home doing nothing but reading and watching Veronica Mar's is not good for my soul. Gonna do some home cooking to get myself out of this funk and onto a happier attitude!

Here's to a happier tomorrow!
Love, L


Reta said...

I hear ya on needing some girlfriends! I finally feel like I am on that road now that everything for the fall has started again. It was a long summer though. We moved to our duty station in late June. Have you considered joining MOPS or mothers of preschoolers? It is for women who are expecting too! It is such an awesome Christian organization and the way it is structured helps build relationships. They have nights out and play dates etc... I was in one in Texas and now here and they have both been awesome. The other great thing about mops is you don't have to go to the church where it is being held. I know sometimes that can be intimidating. Both mops groups I have been apart of have had women from various churches. :) Hope you are able to meet some great women soon!

L said...

Thank you for you words of encouragement. I will have to check that group out. One of the nurses gave me a pamphlet with similar groups close by. Hopefully that will help!