Friday, September 24, 2010

Cable TV.

I am beginning to HATE T.V. 

From March to early September I did not pay for cable (or more accurately Dish). When I moved up here in September we did not have cable. We used and T.V channels like and I loved this. We hardly watched TV because it's not like you can just sit on the couch and watch whatever is on. There are much less options. And I think that was a good thing! The only downside to not having regular TV was not being able to watch football. And that is pretty important in our house. On to the reason of why we even have cable TV anymore.

We have Dish TV. We are in a contract with Dish. We had been on "Dish Pause" while J was in basic and A school. Dish Pause is only 6 months long. September was month 6. We still have about another 6 months until our contract is up. *sigh* So I call up Dish and reinstate our service. And it's $100 buckeroos to just get a new dish installed. *double sigh* There are about 100 other things that I would love to spend $100 on. And then I get my bill today. $189 bucks. SERIOUSLY? I feel like we are being screwed! For TV that we can get for free! Granted the $89 is for a month and a half in service and $10 in taxed (that's a whole bunch of crap-ola to me!) but our regularly monthly charges will be about $60 a month! $60 DOLLARS! For TV we were previously getting for free! 

I love my husband. I really do. And I know he loves having cable. But I am pretty sure that we will be having a serious discussion about our TV watching habits come March. Because we will have a brand spankin new baby come April (uh...Mini panic attack! I am SOOOO not ready for baby!) and I am pretty sure that I can buy baby some lovely cloth diapers with those $60 we are wasting. PLUS, we spend entirely too much time watching TV anyway. 

How do you do it? Do you pay for cable? Is your bill much cheaper than ours? Do you watch online? Anyone know how to get live football online?
I am all about saving money and spending our (okay his) hard earned money on things that are important to US and TV is not all that important to me. 


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