Thursday, September 16, 2010


Do you ever have those days (weeks, months?) where you feel like you are slacking in so many areas of your life? This is where I am right now. And I think that talking about it is the 1st step in admitting a problem fixing the areas that need help.

My faith life has been seriously lacking. I am barely cracking open my bible and we have not been to church in FOREVER. Not even watching on line. How lazy are we? Yup, well aware.

Being home all day leaves me bored and boring. Even when there are a few things that I could be doing. I don't know if it is a pregnancy thing or the vacation mentality that I have going on, but it needs to stop. I need to get out of my pj's and pull on my big girl pants. Literally =)

Now on to my game plan:
1) Get dressed everyday. Before 12. Time to get back into real life where real people wear real clothes.
2) Crack open that bible lady! Pray! There are so many worries that I have right now and worrying is getting me nowhere. What I need is prayer. And why has that been the last thing on my mind? Oh right, because I seem to have forgotten that God not only needs to be the center of my marriage, but He needs to be the center of my life. I also got a recommendation on a nearby church. J and I have plans to attend this Sunday!
3) Make a goal everyday. Whether it is making dinner or lunch for my husband, going to the store to get those paper towels that we have been out of for days (oops!), or taking the dogs for a walk. I need to do something daily or I really will go crazy.

So there is my game plan. Now I just need to stick to it. And in effort to get a jump start on my game plan, my biggest prayer right now is that I find a job. And my prayer is that God places me exactly where I need to be. Where He wants me. He knows the needs of our family and He knows my heart. I pray that I have the motivation to start the job finding process and find the perfect place for me.

Any one have any advice on where to start?

Thanks for listening thru my whining.


P.S. I am so excited that I will finally get to see our baby-no-name! Tomorrow is our first ultrasound. I am thinking that it will finally feel real when I hear our babies heartbeat. I will be 10 weeks (I think!) on Saturday.

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