Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday 5

Here are the five words of the week:






Here's my 5! 
  1. J and I got to see our lovely little swimmer! It makes this pregnancy feel so much more real. 
  2. My AMAZING friend Amanda just found out she is preggers too and I think I may be happier for her than I am for myself. I am so excited to go thru this with her!
  3. We have started our own little "Family Dinner Night" with some of the guys from J's shop. Not only are they super nice but they eat all of my food like it was the best thing they've had all week! These boys know how to make me feel good about my cooking skillz!
  4. Today I went to lunch with an amazing Navy girl that I've met. She is so much fun! But on the down side, she is being based down in Southern California. While I now have a friend down there I get to visit, I wish she was staying here! I haven't met very many nice ladies here, but she is AWESOME!
  5. Frisbee golf is fun! Well....I don't actually frisbee golf. But I go with my husband and "the guys" a few times a week and get my walk on with the puppies! It makes me happy to get outdoors and do something besides blog stalk and watch tv. 
Those are my top 5 thing's I am thankful for on the beautiful fall Thursday. I am beginning to see God's small blessings on my life a little better than I was last week. How is God blessing your life?


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Amanda said...

LOVE you pretty lady =)