Monday, September 6, 2010

Bad Blogger

I have been a bad blogger. But in my defense, I have been moving. Friday my husband flew in, packed the house Saturday, drove up to Portland and stayed with friends, continued the drive on Sunday, unpacked the U-Haul Sunday as well, and then spent today unpacking boxes and putting our home together. WHEW!

And Washington is starting to feel like home. It sure helps having all of our stuff in the house and setting it up. And while we may still have tons of boxes left but at least we have all of our pictures up! We also have our oil burner going and it not only feels like home but smells like it too.

And now it will be mostly my job to unpack the rest of the boxes. Ugh...But it will feel so nice to be done! We are already thinking of things we would like to buy. And I am excited to maybe be finding these pieces at garage sells. Some night stands, a table for behind our couch, a desk or other table, also some frames, and decorations. I will not be finding these things all at once, but now I can be on the look out to find some cute pieces that I can refinish and make pretty again. EXCITED!

Well now I am off to sleep because I am SUPER tired these days.

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Meesh said...

Happy unpacking! :)