Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Mid" Month Check In

Bahaha... Goals? I am pretty sure I forgot what this word is this month. Nothing has really gone according to plan and pretty sure that I am lacking on every single goal. 

February Goals:
  • No Spend Month. For real. Only budgeted items. Yeah... That didn't happen. I normally budget about $80 for our "misc." spending... we are at about $200. Plus the cost of tax prep (about $400). Bahaha..... None of it was on a CC (because we paid that bad boy off!) but still...
  • Clean.up.dresser. This is getting ridiculous. Since my hubs is playing XBox and I canceled out Hulu plus subscription... I should probably do this tonight. 
  • Make some more items from pintrest {cooking, crafting, organizing, or cleaning!} I did make a few items from a cooking mag my mama got me, so I think this counts. And I am saving up some craft projects for when J is gone..... Still a fail. 
  • Blog more {2x per week} comment more {one per day} I feel I am doing better here. Maybe I am not interesting, but I am putting myself out there!
  • Freezer meals. J may or may not be leaving soon. And I need to be prepared. And I have a freezer! Finally, something I can feel good about. I went to costco, bought lots of meat, have some easy meals planned! Woo Hoo!
So I am pretty sure that this is a major fail month by my goal standards. However, I have gotten some things accomplished that weren't goals and I feel good about that:
  1. Appointment made with a CPA for our taxes (tomorrow)
  2. Took H for his first store trip sans infant car seat. And he sat like a CHAMP (who's baby is sitting finally? Mine is!)
  3. Relaxed with my hubs and took some time for "us."
  4. Had friends over for a fun dinner in
  5. Kept up with my checkbook and budget.
It's not a ton, but it works for me. 

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Amanda said...

I think I need to start doing this.... Hmmmm..... You still have time before the month is over =)