Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Crazies

Wow... I need a weekend from my weekend. I feel like I have cleaned, laundered, diapered, cooked, and urgent cared.

First the good: J made ribs. Oh man... Tasty. Plus I made hummus. Again, oh man. It was a tasty weekend. Thankfully we had friends over to share because I could have eaten my weight in ribs and hummus and really I might have gotten sick from that much good stuff.

Then the bad {not really that bad}: Sunday we ended up at urgent care. Mostly because of first time mommy jitters. So I am reading Parents Magazine and an article in the current edition is all about poo. And we have had some poo problems so I was interested. Too hard, too soft, weird colors, you name it, it's happened. The colors to worry about are red, white, and black. So when I go to change his diaper his poo is black. And I just read that black is BAD and you should call your doctor. So I do, and off to urgent care we go. And about an hour of waiting for a doctor we have a little chat about how's he's been doing {besides the black poo} and what he's been eating. He's been perfectly happy, playing, and eating like a champ. He has had blueberries for nearly every meal, he loves those things. Well, come to find out too many blueberries can actually have an effect on the color of things. Wouldn't that have been great to know a few hours ago? So we were sent home with a little sample thingy and no more blueberries for a few days. Hopefully that will clear things up.

Mommy freak out. Check.

I am thankful that I care so much about my son to look at his poo and worry {never thought I'd think that sentence}. I am thankful that I have a healthy happy babe. And I am thankful I have a husband who trusts my instincts and lets me run with it.

The rest of the weekend was filled with normal, weekend tasks. Laundry that needs to be finished, leftovers that need to be eaten, games to be played.

And we are off to the next week.

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Kaylee said...

At least you got it checked :) I always feel better knowing what's going on, rather than sitting around fretting about something! Sorry your weekend sounded so busy! Hope this week is a little more relaxing!