Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reviews - Question for bloggers

Have any of you been contacted to review a product? I have gotten a few emails over the last few months to review products where I get a product for free and one to give out. And I have been sceptical about it because nothing comes for free. And seriously? Someone wants me to talk about their product and give it away?

So my question is: How do you know if it's legit? And do I just go with it?

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mrs.griffin said...

Thanks for commenting on my latest post. I thought I'd pop over and check yours out! <3

I have received similar emails and also emails from random "journalism students" asking to be a guest blogger... I wasn't too skeptical until I started noticing the email format is EXACTLY the same just different names and products...too fishy for me. I deleted and blocked the senders. ?????