Thursday, February 16, 2012

10 Months Old

Well Mister -

You've officially been out longer than you have been in. Scary thought! Feels like just yesterday I found out we were pregnant with you. Boy, time flies.

You are weighing in at just over 18lbs and 28.5 inches long. You are 10-25% for your weight, about 50% for your height and that darn noggin of yours is still in the 90th percentile. Doctor thinks you are growing just perfectly. You are wearing some longer 6 month onesies, but mostly 9 month onesies. You fit into both 6 and 9 month pants. Sleepers are 9 month as well. Jackets are still 6 month old because I am not sure where your 9 month jackets are. You may go straight to 12 month there. I don't have you in shoes, but I think you are wearing 6 month + there. Hats are still toddler sized. Mommy's little bobble head!

We switched you our of your infant seat. You had about an inch and a few pounds to go, but honestly you were just getting too heavy to carry! We made it to my goal of having you sitting by yourself by the time we switched. Thank goodness for that!!

This month you are FINALLY sitting by yourself. You still topple over every now and again, but I am not sure if it's because you are ready to crawl around again or if you are just falling over. You are still army crawling all over the place. I am not sure if you will switch to regular crawling or just stay where you are because it gets you where you want to go. You get up on your knees all the time and do lots of rocking, so I am sure time will tell. You will stand by yourself but we have to hold you because I never know when you are going to start "jump-jumping" because you still love that a lot!

You are oh so chatty my little man! Lots and lots of babbling going on at our house! I always know when you are getting a little bit of "stranger danger" because you aren't talking. Then you warm right up and chat away. You can say: Mama, Dada, Papa, Baba {I swear you also say Bob for Bob the dog}, and then lots of other babbles. You still only call things by name when you want to, but you tend to yell MAMA a lot when you are not happy. This month you have also begun whispering, which is super cute. Especially when I am feeding you a bottle right before bed and you look up at me and whisper Mama... can you say melts my heart?!

You are starting to eat a few more finger foods. By far your favorite thing is toast. You have not yet refused anything we have given you thought. You love your veggies. I make home-made apples and pears with cinnimon and nutmeg, squash, sweet potato, and yams, and peas. You still love puffs, and now I have substituted in cheerios which are also a hit. I cut up bits of what we are having for dinner as well as any fruits or other things that I think you might like. We are still working on getting you to pick up squishy things like avacados, but so far no dice. Though we did figure out that you will eat things if they are hard, like refrigerated bananas. Nothing squishy for you!

Knock on wood you are finally starting to sleep thru the night. And by finally I mean these last 3 nights. We had a talk with daycare about making sure you are going down for two naps while you are there and that combined with you just being ready has resulted in 3 amazing nights of sleep from 8-6:30. Works for us!! Keep it up Bubba! I can tell when you haven't napped well at daycare because you are up a few times during the night. But you are getting better at finding your paci so I am sure our days of getting up to find it for you are almost a thing of the past {famous last words, right?!}

Sometimes I have a hard time writing down all of the new things you are doing. Because some things just come so naturally that I honestly forget if they are new or not. Like clapping. You have always waved your arms and kicked your lets when you were super happy and now have started clapping if you are happy too. But it was such an easy transition between the two that I can't pinpoint when it started {maybe that makes me a bad mom... oh well!} I really need to get a video of you "flying." It's something you have done since about 3 months old and I know it's going to stop here soon. When you are on your belly, you flap you arms and kick your legs and it looks like you are flying. It's the cutest thing!

Oh my little man you are growing up so fast. In two months you will be a year old. I can't believe how fast time has flown. We love you more each and every day!

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