Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Goals

Oh My... January flew by. And I am pretty sure that my goals did not get accomplished. Oh well... It's a new month. Here we go!
January Goals:
  • Clean up closet and dressers. Fail. I set all of my hangers backwards....that's about it. 
  • Take old living room items to the thrift store. Done!  
  • Stay on budget - especially groceries and Costco! Fail... Lots of extra spending. February is officially a no spend month.
  • Make more baby food - I've bought apples and pears that need to be made. I would like to make green beans as well. Plus he needs more sweet potatoes and squash. Completed! Made pears and apples, squash, yams, and sweet potatoes. I also have a Costco bag of peas that need to be done this weekend. 
  • Save for a chest freezer. Done! We ended up with a brand new freezer and it is glorious! And on budget. 
  • Start getting together our tax forms. All together. Just need one more form printed out {I think} and I have convinced hubs to go on base for FREE. 
  • Blog more! (Thinking two days a week for sure.) Comment more on other blogs. I read all of the blogs I follow, but almost never comment. Eh...Fail. More posts {sort of} but not a lot of comments. 
So... Not really where I want to be... and I could give some excuses, but I'm not going to. On to this month.
February Goals:
  • No Spend Month. For real. Only budgeted items.
  • Clean.up.dresser. This is getting ridiculous. 
  • Make some more items from pintrest {cooking, crafting, organizing, or cleaning!}
  • Blog more {2x per week} comment more {one per day} 
  • Freezer meals. J may or may not be leaving soon. And I need to be prepared. And I have a freezer!
Short and sweet. Februarys a short month, and I know we can make it. What are your goals?

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