Monday, February 13, 2012


Life is full of things to comparison yourself against. And nearly every time I compare myself to someone else I always fall short. And I probably always will. But do you want to know a secret? Comparisons suck and they don't tell a clear picture.

 When I look at my {almost} 10 month old, he is perfect in my eyes. He does things in his own time. He lights up my world and has the most precious personality. But comparing his to friends babies he is not advancing as quickly as they are. It took him 9 months to sit. He doesn't wave or give kisses. He army crawls all over the place but has no desire to do it from all fours. He isn't pulling himself up and he is no where near trying to walk. And all of those things that dont seem to measure up only paints a partial picture. My baby is chatty and silly and intentionally does things to get a laugh. He is stubborn and know what he wants or does not want to do. He eats like a champ and is probably one of the easiest babies out there. He laughs all day long and smiles at everyone. There is no stranger danger with our boy, he will make friends with anyone. He is absolutely perfect in his own way.

From the outside looking in, my husband and I may not seem like the happiest of couples. My family lovingly calls us The Bickerson's. And yes - we do bicker. But if I wasn't married to someone who challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone I would walk all over him. I attempt to make myself look like I am put together - working mom, loving wife, supportive friend, who always looks put together and no crazy hair. But if we are being honest here? It's a good day if I've shaved my legs, and that doesn't happen so often these days. And my friends? Thank God for good friends who love me, because life is busy. And finding 5 minutes where two of us are free to catch up is few and far between.

Maybe one day I will look like I have it all and feel like I have it all. For now, I am going to be happy that I haven't gone to work with some kind of baby fluid {or food} on me and with semi-decent hair.

And once my husband is gone you will just have to settle for clothes that haven't been spit up on. =)


Amanda said...

Babies are so funny, and it is SO hard not to compair them. Amerie is advanced in specific areas, but is not a laugher, and isnt huge into chatting. Hyatt IS perfect. Not just in his own way either. He is just plain PERFECT. No baby hits all of the milestones exactly on time, nor should we expect them to(eating my own words here). As long as they are doing SOMETHING we can not expect them do to EVERYTHING.

We bicker too =) Its what makes us, us! Spit up shirts, crazy hair, and hairy legs are perfect in my house! Dont be so hard on yourself friend. You are doing awesome, and you are not alone!

Karen said...

I agree, it is so hard not to make comparisons. My son is two and not talking. Whenever I see/hear a two year old talking in full sentences, I can't help but think I somehow failed, even though I know it is farthest from the truth.

Spit up clothes are a sign of maturity....right? :)

Sasha said...

Something my pastor shared with me:

Comparison kills our contentment.

Simple, but so true :) Love you friend! Know that I think you do have it all together and hope to one day do all you do, half as well as you do it!