Sunday, August 8, 2010

I got to spend another weekend with my amazing husband. He drove down Friday night, helped get ready for the wedding, took care of all the groomsmen, and enjoyed the wedding with me. Probably not the relaxing weekend that he might have wished for but eventful that's for sure! I am glad to have the wedding behind us. Now I am looking forward to this weekend where I am driving up to WA to see our house, see the town, and have a relaxing weekend with my husband. 

This month is going to go by so fast! J and I have plans for every weekend and hopefully that will make the weeks go by fast. I put in my resignation on Friday. It was a little bitter sweet. I love my job and I love where I work, but I love my husband more. My last day will be Aug 31 and I will move up sometime Labor day weekend. Ah! I am so excited!!!!!!

I am getting back to reading all of your lovely blogs and will hopefully be commenting. This last week and weekend was CRAZY and will hopefully slow down a little this week. 


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