Monday, August 16, 2010

Fab Weekend!

I am so excited! I got to go visit my new home this weekend! And while it was a looong drive, it was well worth it. For a girl that is not used to traffic, 2 hours to go 30 miles almost made me go bonkers!! 11 hours to get there, only 9 hours to get home! I missed all the traffic on the way home thank God!

I LOVE where we live. It is a beautiful home that I think we can make our own. It is in a perfect neighborhood that will be great for taking the dogs on walks and there is even a dog park and playground right behind our house. 

It was so nice to see the town also. It seems pretty perfect. Quaint little beach town. Lots of places to hike, we can kayak on the sound, and enjoy small town life out there. Now, fingers crossed that I will be able to find a job. 

The other thing that has me worried (lovely hormones! I blame them!) is making new friends. How on earth do you meet people? I have lived in the same town for all of my 23 years. I have never had to make all new friends. I have no idea how to meet people. Isn't that silly?

Oh! We braved our first visit to the commi-scary! It is only a few minutes from home (big plus) and it wasn't so bad. It's like the WINCO we have here in town only bussier and you have to tip the baggers. Personally I don't love having other people bag my groceries. I am use to doing it myself. Also, when you do it yourself you don't have to tip anyone. Can anyone give me the low-down on tipping? Do you tip if they just bag, but don't help you out? What if you only have a bag or two? How much do you tip? It's a little stressful for a newbie!

Allrighty loves, I am out! It was a long drive today and I am hitting the hay!


Meesh said...

Is your new house near an army hub? I can't remember ... I'm sure you'll meet lots of military wives. That's my big fear about us being posted .. is making new friends - Mike still has another round of training to go so that won't happen until NEXT fall, but it still worries me. And you know what else? I'm scared of the military becoming our lives ... I'm scared of ONLY making military friends ... sounds lame right? But I'm desperate to keep it separate. The Army is his job, not our life. Sure it AFFECTS our life, but you know what I mean.

Wow, holy rambly/complainy post after your super happy blog. Sorry!! lol

I'm thrilled you love the house, I can't wait to see pics!! xo

♥Miss Brittney♥ said...

I'm so glad you love your new home! Its such a great feeling to have, especially after all the worrying and wondering what it will be like where you're moving(at least it was for me cause I'm a worry wort! lol). Also I'm sure you will have no problem making new friends, you can visit your neighbors or see if there are any bloggers in your area that you can meet up with. Having my blog really helped me because I already have a few friends out here and its so nice to have people to hang out with! Also the Commi-scary is a whole new experience right? Lol! I don't get the whole thing about tipping baggers either, I mean why do we have to tip them? I hate it too cause I never ever carry cash with me but now I have to cause I know they are expecting a tip! And personally I don't mind people bagging my groceries, but I definitely don't need help out to my car and they don't even ask, they just take away your cart and load them onto those weird looking carts and then you have to tip them. I hate it! lol I like taking my groceries myself, I mean I'm not an old woman or! Anyway good luck and I'm super excited for you!!

Sasha said...

Bag your own and don't tip. Just smile politely and say, "no thank you, I've got it"