Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mid January

Oh my gosh... It is past mid January..... Seriously? Where on EARTH has the month gone? And I have a feeling I haven't even THOUGHT about my monthly goals. Let's see how I'm panning out:

January Goals:
  • Clean up closet and dressers. Set all of my hangers backwards so I can get rid of things that don't get warn. Fill one dresser drawer with things that I possibly don't use and get rid of after 3 months. 
  • Sneak in two boxes from our Ikea trip to use as storage under the bed. Fail. Totally not done. Speaking of, I'm going to switch my hangers right now so I don't have to think about it again.
  • Take old living room items to the thrift store. Done! But not how I thought it would get done. One of our friends ended up moving out a little abruptly and we gave the things we were going to donate to her. That's like the thrift store with out the tax benefit, but makes my heart feel good. 
  • Stay on budget - especially groceries and Costco! Good so far. We are on budget for groceries and for Costco. However we still need to make one more Costco run for diapers and formula before the end of the month. Fail that January was supposed to be a no spend month. $90 for a table husband? Grrreat! However, we will now do No Spend February!
  • Make more baby food - I've bought apples and pears that need to be made. I would like to make green beans as well. Plus he needs more sweet potatoes and squash. Mostly done. Made the pears and apples. Tried peas. We are still mostly good on sweet potatoes and squash.
  • Save for a chest freezer. Done! We sold our extra couch and I have my bonus. My goal is less than $300 for a brand new one, or if we can find one on Craigslist under $200.
  • Start getting together our tax forms (Call the hourly provider used and get a receipt!) Fail on the hourly provider. Can't find her number.
  • Blog more! (Thinking two days a week for sure.) Comment more on other blogs. I read all of the blogs I follow, but almost never comment. Eh... I'm gonna go with fail. I am not commenting, and am not posting as much as I like. 
So I am about 50/50 for my goals. Still some work to be done. I love this accountability thing!!! 

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