Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bobble Wobbles....

I have two dogs. One is a beautiful lab and the other is a large doxie mix. Doc, our lab, is always healthy. He is smart, pretty, and perfect {although he is a little...shall we say blonde}. He's the girl in high school you wanted to hate because she had her life together and looked beautiful doing it. Bob, our mix is the exact opposite. To be cute, we have to shave him. He is stubborn like none other, and has a personality all his own. And to top it all off, he has an Auto Immune Disease.


He was diagnosed about two years ago, when he was only a year old. Very young to acquire this particular disease {so the vets say}. Two years ago, we thought we may have to put him down because of how bad off he was, and how far he was from the playful puppy we used to know. Fast forward two years, and he is a happy camper once again {although he is heavily medicated to be this way}.

Our current vet recommended that we come in to update his blood work and check his levels. Make sure that his pills are still working and his body is still thriving. And I probably wouldn't be writing this if the vet came back with good news. Nope, not good news at all.

Basically, Bob's body attacks his blood. A normal dog has about 50% red blood cells. Anything under 20% is considered anemic. Bob is at 22%. His blood is flowing very slowly. His blood pressure is extremely low. His body is trying to save it's self. And right now, it is a losing battle.

The new game plan is to up his steroids and discontinue his AID's meds to *hopefully* kick start his body into producing more red blood cells. And, should this not work J and I need to be ready to take him to the emergency vet should he relapse or should we need to put him down.

There are two things I hate about this whole situation. One, that my quirky little companion has been suffering from this stupid disease that he (or we) couldn't prevent. And two, I don't want to think about the financial or mental costs associated with the new game plan not working. Sadly, financial decisions do come into play here. I can't justify paying thousands of dollars for an animal who is not going to live the life he deserves.

Right now, I can already see some of the affects of him relapsing. Lethargic, mainly. Unless there is food involved, he is quite content to lay on the dog bed and nap. I am hoping that the steroids help him soon.

Oh Bob... You wormed your way into our hearts. I hate seeing you sick.

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Amanda said...

It is so hard friend, you are doing all you can. Keeping him comfortable and healthy when you can, and making the tough calls when you can not are the things that make good pet owners good.
Wobble is in my prayers. And so is your heart. This is hard. HUGS