Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Appointment Day!

Sooooo excited to go to my 36 Week appointment! I know that some not so fun things are gonna happen, but I just feel good going to my doctor today. I haven't been since 32 weeks and it feels like too long. Some weird things have been happening starting yesterday and I am glad for the perfect timing of seeing my doctor today.

I hope we get to see our lil man today! And I am hoping to get an estimate on his weight and how things are going for me. I have still been feeling great for the most part (minus the mood swings...poor husband!) and so I am hoping that my baby boy is not quite as comfy and will come out in a timely fashion in a few weeks. I am also hoping to not go several weeks over my due date....No thanks!

Can't wait for 11, when I get to go in. YAY!


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Amanda said...

Enjoy!!! Hope you get to see him today! You should after 4 weeks!