Thursday, March 24, 2011

37 Weeks

How far along?:  37 Weeks...Home stretch! Strange that I will have a lil man in my arms in less that 1 months.

Total weight gain:   38 pounds...And counting! =)

How big is Baby?:  The size of a watermelon. 19-22 inches and 6.5 pounds. But my doctor says that my uterus is measuring "slightly" small so hopefully he is less than this. And if not, oh well. He will be perfectly sized when he comes out!

Maternity clothes? Love maternity clothes!

Stretch marks?: Same old, same old!

Sleep?: Up about twice a night. And SOOO thirsty when I get up to pee. So I keep at least 2 glasses of water by the bed. 

Movement?:  Lil ninja! I did a kick count today, and I've counted 10 kicks in 10 minutes at least 4 times already. Yep. I've got a mover in here!

Food cravings?:  No cravings. But I love me some salt and sugar. And this explains my swollen fingers and toes =)

Labor Signs:  A few painless braxton hicks. But nothing major. Baby is starting to move south though!

Milestone: In-laws, and Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law are on their way up here as we speak! Can't wait for some family time. Got the house (mostly) in order. Can't wait for them to get here so we can catch up and enjoy our weekend together!

How's Mom?: Really good. I only seldom feel crappy pregnant. I really am enjoying every moment. I'm going on lots of walks with a friend (4 miles today and a total of 5 miles last week) and that is super fun. We have plans to go on lots of walks after the baby is born. Yeah! And I am really just looking forward to spending some time with family. I know this weekend will be filled with laughs and fun. Love it!


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Amanda said...

Any time now Hyatt man!