Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Since you've been gone...

Okay, well you haven't been gone. I've been gone. Not gone, just busy. And I have had so much fun over the last week! I love having my husband home. He just kinda completes everything. Here's a recap:

Wednesday: Husband arrives. Best night ever! We met him at the airport, ate yummy ham, went for a walk, and just reveled in the fact that he is HERE!
Thursday: Pretty uneventful. I work. Hubs does his rounds and says hi to everyone here. We meet my dad and his girlfriend for sushi (yum!) and go for another walk. 
Friday:Date night! Oh I love those! J's parents gave us a gift card to Red Lobster for our anniversary. I ate my little heart out in crab and shrimp. Amazing. Watched a movie. And I got to hang out with some very good friends from Portland. A pretty perfect night. 
Saturday: This day was supposed to be the bachelorette party. Instead of doing that, my hubs stole me away and we went camping and boating. We both wakeboarded and I tubed. Awesome day. I actually got up on the wakeboard and had a nice little run. Hubs is a much better wakeboarder than I am. He had some pretty long runs! Then, J pulled me on the tube and I was so scared/having so much fun that my knuckles were white from holding on. He was going pretty fast! Then we camped at a friends cabin and just relaxed together. I love camping!
Sunday: While we were still at the cabin, we went for a long walk. About three miles. And all of the dogs went. Even my chubby wiener dog! After the long walk, we packed up to go home. Once we were home, this was our day to just catch up. We bathed all the dogs once we got home. They were SO dirty! And poor Bob. He was covered in burrs, sticks and grossness. So off the the groomers we went. And now Bob is shaved. He is pretty freakin cute! 
Monday: Just a regular day. I worked, J went down to the recruiting office. We hung out after work. Ate dinner together, went for a walk and are just enjoying the time we have together. 
Tuesday: Only worked 11-3!! After work we went to a friends pool and hung out. It started to warm rain while we were swimming, so fun!
Wednesday: Only working 11-3 again and planning another afternoon in the pool. Love this time with my husband!

I've have totally been MIA, but I am still keeping up with y'all (opps, Google Reader at work!). 
I'm off to make banana pancakes for my hubs (or more accurately for myself). Till next time!!!

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Meesh said...

I am so happy you guys are having such a great time together!!! Yay!!