Tuesday, July 13, 2010

{No Title}

Not much longer until the hubs gets here! Today my MoLaw and I got his car out of "storage" (aka my dad's house). I need to take that thing for a bath in the next few days! And Windex the windows. Even the inside is dusty! But all of this silly stuff makes me excited because that means that J is SO CLOSE to being here! I am trying to not dwell on the fact that he will only be here for 10 days and then we will be separated again. I am trying to dwell on knowing that I will get to sleep next to my hubs in a tiny bed for 10 days. Go to dinner, go on hikes, go rafting, laugh together, and just be with my bestie. And even though we will be in different states for awhile, I will know that it could always be worse. 

Hopefully once he gets based we will know if he is deploying right away or not. And we will just cross that bridge when we come to it. 

J and I have been so blessed during this time apart, I know that he made the right decision joining the Navy. We have had our hard days, but it has only made us stronger. 

Holla! Let the count down begin!