Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Goals

Oh November you are a crazy month. Not only is it birthdays for every member of my immediate family, but it is also Thanksgiving, which leads into the Christmas season and then New Years. This time of year FLIES by and I am just not ready. So I am going to continue with my goals in hopes that it keeps me on track...

Here is how I did in October:

  • Take Hyatt's too small clothes to the pregnancy clinic  DONE! =)
  • Sand, paint, and finish my thrift store frames (thank you pintrest!)  Uh... Partially done. Sanded and painted. I just need a glue gun and clips and I am SET 
  • De-clutter the downstairs of my house and DO something with the crap.  Uh... I got rid of an expired car seat. And I cleared off the top of the dryer so there is somewhere to set the car seat and diaper bag out of the way every day. I'm gonna say fail on this one. 
  • Stay on top of the finances because there won't be as much money coming in.  Done =) Great month!
  • ENJOY all of the extra time I have with my sweet baby.  DONE!! I so enjoyed our special alone time. I was very tired, but he is so fun. Months 5-6 are awesome! Love =) {minus teething}
  • Make apples for H  DONE =) Super easy. I am so glad I am making most of his food. I really enjoy it and while I don't think he can tell, it is good for him too!
So my easy goals were just that...Easy. I can probably attribute most of the de-cluttering and not finishing my frames to not using my time wisely... Darn you Psych... Catching up on old episodes is really cutting into my spare time!!

On to November:
  • Send out Birthday card/present to my Dad and Brother. Plus make sure gift and card is ready for Mom's visit. {Uh... Dad's is going to be late...Not off to a great start! Thankfully it will be there when he is back from vacation...hopefully.}
  • De-clutter the garage and/or spare closet {get rid of expired car seat for sure!}
  • Re-organize hall closet with the sheets placed in the pillow case {my addiction to Pintrest is paying off!}
  • No Spend November!! As prearranged with J - if it isn't in the budget it will have to wait. Minus the extra money that will be transfered to savings and then I have plans... =)
  • Christmas Shop!! While I am buying all these birthday presents buy for: Mom (XMAS), MoLaw (BDay and XMAS), D (Dad's new Fiance), plus possibly a few small things for my besties. Oh! And the grandparents. {Already have ideas in mind!}
  • Finish up frames! {this is a's getting a bit ridiculous that it's not finished}
  • Make pears for H? {he loves them...not sure if I will be making them or not...}
  • Emergency Preparedness Plan {I love me some spreadsheet action!}
Since last month didn't go so fabulous I am going to stop there. And I am feeling a bit type A with how excited I just got over crossing things off...


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