Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mid November Catch Up

So it is the middle of November and the month has already flown by.

We have passed my Dad, Mom, and Brother's birthday. It's 3 days until my birthday and 10 days until Thanksgiving.

I'm checking back in with my November goals because I feel like I'm not going to finish them.

On to November:
  • Send out Birthday card/present to my Dad and Brother. Hmm... Dad check (plus he was on vacation so he didn't know his card was late) Brother....Oops! No only do I not have his phone number, I did not send a card, and all I did was Facebook him Happy Birthday. I'm crossing my fingers that I have his address so I can send a late card.
  • De-clutter the garage and/or spare closet  Closet is mostly cleaned out, and we have gotten rid of all expired car seats! SCORE! 
  • Re-organize hall closet with the sheets placed in the pillow case {my addiction to Pintrest is paying off!} Nope... But since Hubs is playing XBox and I have no shows on Hulu...that closet is MINE. 
  • No Spend November!! Well... No spend? We sorta failed that. But we have put what I expected into savings (which will then be transferred to the credit card). So no spend... Fail. But we did WAY better than October!
  • Christmas Shop!! I have checked off a few people. Mostly the kids, and a few grandparents. I'm glad we did family pictures in September, because most everyone is getting a framed picture from us!
  • Finish up frames! {this is a must...it's getting a bit ridiculous that it's not finished} Fail. Oops! Still need a glue gun and clips...Home Depot run is necessary. 
  • Make pears for H? {he loves them...not sure if I will be making them or not...} Fail.
Hmm... So it looks like I need to get a little more organized about Christmas to see what I still need to shop for. Plus what I want to bake. I'm going to cross the hall closet off the list tonight plus mail my brother a birthday card. No Spend November is back in place and we are going to work on the next 15 days of being CASH ONLY. Plus I am adding pears to my grocery list for Sunday and that will be one more thing checked off.

One thing I did do great at? My mama's birthday present was here and waiting for her BEFORE her birthday. All ready and waiting for her when she arrived. This is the only present so far that has made it on time. Plus having my mom here was a birthday present for me. She entertained H, got up with him all weekend for all of his middle of the night feedings, went shopping for my birthday with me, and I just generally had the best time with her. I love having my mama visit!

Also, last time I posted I was feeling pretty uninspired in my home. J and I talked it over, and we will be making some changes. Josh announced on FB that we wanted to sell our couches (a sectional and a love seat). Within a day we had both sold. The sectional for $400 and the love seat for $300. We will be taking this $700 and buying just one couch and we have decided to go with Ikea. And I have no idea how I found this Tightwad Chic, but this lady is an Ikea genius. She gets all of her big (and small) purchases from Ikea in the "as-is" section at about 50-75% off. Um... Hello! That is exactly what we need for our living room make over! I am so excited to have found Tightwad Chic and her Ikea tips. Too bad she hasn't posted since 2009... I'm hoping they still have their as-is section!!!

Recently J and I bought a new printer with our credit card point. We were super stoked to finally be able to print at home. We finally receive our printer, hook it up, and find out the the processing system on my Mac (that I bought just over a year ago) is too outdated to work with the printer. So we fork over the $30 to upgrade to Leopard something or other only to find out that now our system is too updated to be compatible and the printer company will be coming out with a upgrade soon....Ugh!!! Still no printing going on in this house. 

So that's it folks... I am getting on with my November goals, am super excited for our new couch (and then our new chairs), one day I will be able to print things on my sweet new printer, and November is flying by WAY too fast. 


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