Thursday, November 25, 2010

We've been blessed

I follow many different milspouse (or gf) blogs, and one common factor thru all of these blogs is the struggles they face being a military couple. It may be deployments, temporary separation, odd schedules, low pay, hard work, crazy neighbors, or many other things. And I feel bad saying it, but so far we have been blessed. No deployments on the imediage horizen, our neighbors are nice (or just keep to themselves), J works a normal schedule, and life is pretty much as we expected.
I know that one day (probably sooner rather than later) we will "enjoy" the craziness of military life. And I hope when that day comes, I will embrace the change. I hope that I can look at the bright side of whatever trial we are going thru. So far, navy life is, for the most part amazing. I hope that in the midst of deployment I can feel the same way.
I have learned of so many strong and amazing military wives from blogging. They have been strong thru depoyments, rolled with the punches, and enjoyed their husbands more that most wives because of their crazy schedules. I am awed and inspired by they strength of a milspouse. When I go thru my first deployment, I hope I have half the strength I've seen in you ladies.
Thank you for being an inspiration!

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