Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My husband knows the way to my heart.

I worked a normal day today, 9-5, and when I walked in the door I could smell food cooking. And as I made my way into the house, I could see amazing lines in our carpet from where it had been recently vacuumed. I love carpet lines. And a quick peek into the laundry room showed that the clothes I put into the wash are not only clean, dried, but are folded. And as I give the cook a hello kiss, he goes on to inform me that he has also cleaned our bathroom.

I was swooning just from the fact that food was cooking when I walked into the door. And then on top of that, the entire house that I/we had neglected to clean this weekend is completely done. I have officially married Superman. I love my husband for taking the stress off my shoulders. And now we can relax and enjoy our week without having to catch up on housework.

He is amazing. And I am going to reflect on this moment next time he annoys me. =)


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Meesh said...

best. feeling. ever.
That's so great! :)