Monday, October 4, 2010

Pregnancy Survey 12 Weeks

I am a little over 12 weeks now and still feeling great! Not much new this week. I see my doctor at the end of the week and so fingers crossed that everything is just truckin' along!

Survey Time:
How far along?: 12 weeks
 How big is baby?: 3 inches long! About the size of a peach. 
Weight gain?: As of Wednesday, 2lbs. Hopefully no more than 3 lbs.
Stretch marks?: None yet!
Maternity clothes?: Belly band. Though I would prefer sweats! 
Sleep?: Like a rock!
Best moment this week?: Visiting with my friends from Portland, and In-Law's came to visit! This was also the hardest. I cried when they left!
Food cravings?: Wings. Boneless only. And HOT.
Gender?: Guamanian test says boy =) We won't find out for 8 more weeks.
Movement?: Not yet. Hopefully 4 more weeks.
Belly button?: Still perfectly in!
What I miss?: Drinking wine. 
Labor signs?: Please not for a long long time!
What I'm looking forward to?: Showing. I just look a little chubby.
Milestone?: Last week of the 1st trimester!


Amanda said...

Guamanian test??? Care to share??? =)

L said...

So the Guamanian test is actually the ring test. My MoLaw has only been wrong once so we shall see if it holds true. Hold a necklace with a ring over your hand to test for girl (circle) and over your hubs for a boy (line) and then try it over your belly =) We would even hold my hand over my belly and it would be girl and then take my hand away and it would change to boy. Crazy if it works!

Samantha said...

Congratulations!! How exciting that you're having a baby! :)

Mmm... wings. I crave those all the time and I'm not pregnant!

L said...

Love wings! I wish we had a Buffalo Wild Wings close by...Actually I'm glad it's not because I would eat them EVERY day. I've always had weird cravings though, pregnant or not!