Friday, October 15, 2010

Pregnancy Survey 14 Weeks

This whole pregnancy things just keeps chugging along! I am trying to enjoy every minute and not rush it. And to be honest, at this point the lil monster in my belly can wait a good long time before he (or she) makes an appearance. I am not ready for you baby-no-name! =) 

This will be short and sweet. 

How far along?:  14 weeks

Total weight gain: 3lbs. Gonna keep on walking so I can eat all the wings I want!

How big is Baby?: The size of a navel orange.

Maternity clothes?: Not yet. Pants are getting tighter though

Stretch marks?: Not yet! While I am sure that I will get them, none have showed up yet. 

Sleep?: I've had a few bad dreams, so restless nights, but for the most part I am still sleeping like a rock. I am waking up a happier person though. That is weird!

Best moment this week? Having dinner with my husband every night this week. I am really enjoying the time we spend together. He didn't work on Monday, so we spent the whole day together. We even went on a very long walk that was super nice. 

Movement?: Not yet. Hopefully in a few weeks?

Food cravings?: Apples everyday. Pickles are yummy. Food in general sounds good. And spicy food is amazing. I will think of something and then HAVE to have it. 

What I miss: Wine. And Lambic. I think I need to pick up another bottle of sparkling cider to hold me over =)

What I'm looking forward to: Feeling my wiggle worm move.

Milestone: Officially in the 2nd trimester!

How's Mom?: Eh.... I don't feel pregnant. And since I am less tired I need to be using my time more wisely. But on the bright side, I am much less nervous about having a baby now than I was when we first found out. 

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