Saturday, July 16, 2011

3 Months

Seriously? Three months? Already? Time flies!

While I am totally loving being a mom and a parent, it is hard in ways that I never imagined. And while I don't really want to get into it (it's a long complicated story that I'm not sure I want to tell), I can say for certain that I have never loved my son or husband more.

My little 3 month old is just over 12 lbs. He has the sweetest personality and theses little quirks that just make me laugh. Bedtime is 8:30 and he will sleep from then until sometime between 4 and 5:30. He wakes long enough to eat and pass back out until 6:30 or 7. He is such a good sleeper! After his bath and some milk, he goes to bed and goes right to sleep. I think he likes his routine as much as we do!

Every morning, I go to get him out of bed when I hear him talking to himself. As soon as I come into view, he lights up into a smile. He is the happiest baby when he wakes up! And he does not get that from me! We swaddle him every night and so when we un-velcro his blanket his arms instantly go into the "touchdown" position. He loves to have his hands by head =)

H is still a little stinker when we feed him. No more boobies for him, we have officially switched to bottles. And I have to say, it makes me a smidgen glad that he fusses just as much either way. It's not just me =) He is still gaining weight well so that makes me glad, he just sometimes needs to talk about his food. And sometimes he talks a lot, loudly. I don't really understand it. But, he knows what he wants and we just aren't sure what it is.

I've gone back to work, and that has made the biggest different in my attitude and mind set. I love seeing people every day, and I LOVE coming home to my boys. I appreciate the time I get to spend with my son, and honestly I am more productive now that I was when I was home every day. I also went back to a new job and I've found that I like it so much more than where I was working previously. It has been such a blessing.

H likes to be on his tummy, but generally wants to fall asleep when he's on it instead of pushing himself up and strengthening his muscles. No signs of rolling over yet, but we have heard a few giggles! He has started batting at some of the toys on his playmat, but I'm not sure if that's more accidental than on purpose. As a mom, I am having a hard time not wondering about when he is going to hit his next "milestone." I know babies all develop differently so I am trying to let my baby grow and play in his own way and not spend any time worrying that he's not developing "on schedule."

I think that's all that is new in our lives! I can't believe how much he has changed in the last three months. And I am SURE I will be saying the same thing in another three months.


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