Thursday, January 22, 2015

Home is where the Navy sends you...

When Josh started picking picking orders, I imagined beautiful sunny places. I mean, it's the Navy. Nearly every base is near water. How awesome is that? Where we are now, is definitely on water. And it's an island and all...but it sure isn't warm! And then the time came, and the choices looked awesome. Hawaii, Italy, Point Mugu, San Diego. Warm. Beautiful. Beachy. And then... womp womp. China Lake. Definitely not on the list. And definitely one of those places that people cringe when you say you are moving there. And give you sad eyes. And I will be the first to say, I wasn't excited. I'm still not all that excited. But, I believe that God places you where you should be. And apparently we need to be in the desert. And I am so happy that Josh will be doing a job that he wants to be doing and will translate outside of the military, should we choose to get out at some point.

So. There it is. Hot, dusty, middle of nowhere. And there we will find our place. Put down our roots and make it our home. For as long as we are there.


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Jen said...

Here is hoping this assignment is great for you guys!